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Danny Dig
I am always looking for bright, self-motivated undergrad and grad students. If you are interested to work in my group, have a look on my research page to see if you are passionate about any topics that I deeply care about, then contact me.


  • Denis Bogdanas

Current Grad Students

Current Undergrad Researchers

  • Sean McDonald
  • Hugh McDonald
  • Nicholas Nelson
  • Elias Rademacher

Former Grad Students

  • Yu Lin (PhD, Sept 2015, first job at Google, Mountain View)
  • Mihai Codoban (MS 2015, first job at Microsoft, Redmond)
  • Stas Negara (MS 2008, PhD 2013, first job at Google, Mountain View, CA)
  • Cosmin Radoi (MS 2013, now PhD student at UIUC)
  • Sandro Badame (MS 2012, now at Google)
  • Fredrik Kjolstad (MS 2011, now PhD student at MIT)
  • Binh Lee (MS 2009, now in Vietnam)
  • Kashif Manzoor (MS 2007, now independent consultant in Pakistan)
  • Can Comertoglu (MS 2006, now at Microsoft)

Former Undergrad Students

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