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RefactoringCrawler is implemented as an Eclipse plugin. It requires that you have an Eclipse version >= 3.1 running under Java 1.5.

We released RefactoringCrawler as an open source project, under the Eclipse license (EPL). You can download the binary plugin or the source code. Then unzip it into your Eclipse installation directory (check that you end up with a directory `detectRefactorings' in the plugin subdirectory of your Eclipse installation directory), and restart Eclipse. If everything is fine, you should be able to see RefactoringCrawler in the top menus. You can start by trying it out on the case studies described in the Evaluations page or you can load up two versions of your component choice and let RefactoringCrawler detect refactorings.

Feel free to contact Danny Dig with any suggestions/ constructive criticism/ feedback about the tool.